Essentials in English

Steffen Taubert

Graduate Psychologist


My aim is to support people in dealing with challenging life situations to realize their own deeply rooted desires and talents.


Take advantage of coaching to get back in touch with your goals and strengths, identify new perspectives, and break down barriers to change.
I offer psychological counseling for individuals, couples and groups. My integrative approach to counseling combines methods of systemic counseling, body-oriented psychotherapy and Buddhist philosophy. Appointments for an initial consultation can be requested directly through this website.
Counseling for work teams and executives can take place on-site if desired.


My Offers

Psychological Counselling

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Career reorientation
  • Sexual counseling
  • Partnership, Relationships
  • Queer and LGBTQI* issues
  • Spiritual questions, life crises

Yoga, Meditation, Body Work

Yoga, meditation and bodywork are excellent ways to get in touch with yourself more intensively. The methods serve more than "calming down", but help to recognize one's own needs more clearly and to cope with crises in a self-regulating way. In my workshops I integrate elements of these methods and teach body-oriented relaxation methods also in individual sessions


Team Development

  • Team coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Psychological health promotion at the workplace
  • Workshops for Burnout prevention and strengthening resilience
  • Support in setting up health promotion at workplace

My Education

University degree in psychology

Licensing in  psychotherapy according to the German law on non-medical practitioners. (Heilpraktikergesetz/HPG)

Further education in

  • Body-oriented psychotherapy (540 hours/UE)
  • Hatha Yoga according to Sivananda (640 hours/UE)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Sexual counseling (DGfS-certified)
  • Systemic Counseling
  • Relaxation methods: Autogenic Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (RMR), Buddhist meditation  (Vipassana; Insight Meditation)

Would you like to get to know me and how I work? Make an appointment for an initial consultation.